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Raising the Skirt UK launch date

Raising the Skirt: the Unsung Power of the Vagina will be launched in the UK on 20 February 2020. I am so excited, proud and happy to see a new edition of my book available in the UK once more. It’s just over 20 years since I had the idea to write a book celebrating the […]

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John Pym will die in 8 days’ time

William Lilly considered the flask of urine held out to him. In the light from the lanthorn hanging above the entrance to the Corner House, the thin, swirling liquid gleamed golden-yellow; the face behind it was in shadow. It was early evening in London on the last day of November 1643 and the rising 41-year-old […]

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Why the clitoris is crucial – for both women and men

I was thrilled to read reports last month that scientists are now convinced the female clitoris has a role to play in reproduction – as well as its long-acknowledged role in sexual pleasure. But while I was elated at the news that researchers had spotted clitoral arousal brings about a change in the position of […]

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